I realized that I needed to actively do something about my advancing years. I hate exercise but I am dreadfully afraid of falling and breaking some body part, so I went in to inquire.

I participated in a Human Harmonies class, I felt good, I signed up. I chose to come in once a week, but I was completely unprepared for how good I felt so I started coming 2-3 times a week. Several times I found myself feeling badly enough to skip class but I pushed and went. In every instance that which was bothering me went away by the end of the session!

I also found that in a surprising way I needed to learn to coordinate various parts of my body – not to mention the mental activity that was required as well

I am happy to report that after 3 years my balance has greatly improved as has my general wellbeing, I get to give my brain a workout, I have many new friends, and it’s all because of a banner I saw!