I tell everyone who will listen, so I wanted to make certain that I told you: finding Human Harmonies has been life changing for me. I at last have found a drug-free way to manage the pain from my 50-year battle with arthritis and various other joint issues.

After my first month of QiGong, I was able to pick up things off of the floor, dress myself without assistive devices, and get in and out of the car without having to move the seat. After 4 months, I realized that I can just stand up in a restaurant and walk out instead of having to slowly unfold myself and creep out until I was able to stand up straight and walk comfortably. And the very best part – I’ve gone from needing 10 – 15 Tramadol for a week to manage my pain to 2 – 4!

My experience with Human Harmonies has been life-style changing and I look forward to many more years of awkwardly learning graceful moves to keep me living independently! I cannot thank them enough.