Human Harmonies programs are based on low-impact movements from internal martial arts (or healing arts) such as Tai Chi, QiGong and Bagua. Our programs are designed to help individuals reach their health and fitness goals, while taking into account each person’s unique physical needs and abilities. The mind/body benefits reported from practicing these healing arts is supported by a large body of scientific evidence and clinical studies. (Visit our Resources page for more information.)

What are Internal Martial Arts?

Internal martial arts develop a person’s physical body, as well as a person’s internal energy – or chi. Tai Ghi, QiGong, and Bagua (or Bagua Zhang) are all considered to be internal martial arts. Bagua is an internal system of martial arts that utilizes spirals, twist and release, and circular stepping to develop vitality and awareness both within and outside of the body. Bagua is fundamentally rooted in the I-Ching or “Book of Changes”.

With Taoist-based principles as an integral part of the training, Bagua also help develop the ability to easily adapt to change while maintaining balance. Similar to Tai Chi and QiGong, Bagua is a combination of physical and meditative practices that can build vitality throughout the body while also providing internal strength and clarity.

Full Body Program

The Full Body program is our main program. It is designed to provide students with a more in-depth and personalized understanding of internal martial arts and mindful movement practices, with a focus on Tai Chi and Bagua. Full Body Program movements are designed to develop external (muscles, bones, joints) and internal (organ health, immune system, peace of mind) strength and vitality. 

Students learn how to integrate the movements into their lifestyle to gain more control over their health, well-being, and quality of life. Students in the Full Body program are welcome to attend unlimited Full Body, Body Awakening and Qi Fit classes.

Which program is right for me?  

The best way to begin is to schedule a complimentary introductory lesson. After a short orientation, an Instructor will evaluate your goals and needs, and will recommend the appropriate program for you. To schedule your introductory lesson, click here.